Welcome to my webpage.

I am Clement Thorey, a former geophysist turned data scientist looking for complex and challenging problems where I believe that data can make the difference. I finished my PhD in december and I am now looking for new challenge in London. I spent the last few months learning and playing around with machine learning. I guess I write this blog to share some of the knowledge I am aquiring in the process ;)

I am currently looking for job opportunities in London where I could use cutting edge techniques from the field of machine learning and natural language processing to help develop great products with data. If you happen to look for somebody like me, feel free to contact me directly ;)

Here is my CV.

Main project


American Geophysical Union (AGU) meeting is a geoscience conference held every year in December in San Francisco. With nearly 24,000 attendees, AGU Fall Meeting is the largest Earth and Space science meeting in the world.

Geocolab is a abstract-based recomendation system I developed to help scientist naviguates through the scientific program of the conference. It is currently live, hosted on the heroku plaftorm, check it out! I also wrote a few blog post to detail the phase development of this project.

PhD thesis

During my PhD, I investigated shallow magmatic intrusions on terrestrial planets. A magmatic intrusion is a solified rock that was once a batch of magma that cools and solidifies within the crust. For instance, the whole Sierra Nevada in california is the result of magmatic intrusion accreations over a 100 millions years time span. Actually, most of the magma which is produced in the Earth mantle remains trap at depth where it cools and solifieds; volcanoes are only a glimpse in the Earth magmatism.

Therefore, those magmatic intrusions represent a major process in the formation of terrestrial crust and better constraining their formation can bring us crucial information in the understanding of terrestrial planet formations.

For more information, the thesis is accessible here and the defense presentation here